Sourcing & Procurement

Solutions that maximize savings

From e-procurement to spend analysis, B4 Consulting offers SAP solutions that help you deliver repeatable cost savings while improving quality and compliance.

Sourcing & Procurement Solutions
Sourcing & Supplier Management

Achieve sustainable cost savings throughout your procurement process with strategic Ariba sourcing software. Ariba solutions can help you implement a closed-loop, automated process – for fast, flexible sourcing and significant bottom line savings, that:

  • Shorten buying cycles by 50% to 70%
  • Lower processing costs by 24% to 60%
  • Facilitate repeatability by automating the RFX process
  • Capture best practice processes to ensure consistency and knowledge transfer
  • Get the best bid for 3rdparty goods and services with electronic auctions
  • Establish contracts directly from the RFX or auction stage
  • Speed supplier proposal evaluation with scoring and optimization tools

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Contract Management

With Ariba Contract Management your legal and procurement departments are empowered to reduce risk and enhance compliance with standardized contract management processes. You ca simplify and accelerate contract authoring and support negotiations with fast access to relevant information. In turn, the procurement function can reduce contract cycle time, mitigate risks more effectively, drive compliance, and improve decision making. Ariba easily and automatically handles the contract lifecycle management process with:

  • Approved contract templates
  • Efficient workflow approval processes
  • Search functionality
  • Automated contract monitoring and alerts

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Travel Management

A Concur Elite Business Partner, B4 Consulting offers you the ultimate T&E app with Concur Expense & Travel. Streamlined from start to finish, with Concur your employees can easily book travel from a smartphone or desktop browser while itineraries and credit card charges are automatically and accurately captured. The expense report is nearly complete upon return and audit and approval processes faster to save additional time and costs.

If you’re ready to move away from paper receipts and spreadsheets and move on to an integrated and mobile T&E solutions – consider Concur for T&E.

Contingent Workforce

Organizations around the globe use Fieldglass – ranked as the #1 cloud-based Vendor Management System (VMS) to better manage their non-employee workforces, including temporary staff, independent contractors and services arranged through statements of work. Together, SAP and Fieldglass offer software, collaboration tools, and networks to help you strategically manage your entire workforce and total spend cohesively with capabilities to:

  • Streamline manual processes
  • Identify the best suppliers
  • Automate the entire process of procuring and managing temporary and contract labor
  • Gain total visibility into your workforce
  • Automatically enforce contract compliance to reduce costs, mitigate risk, improve quality, and increase operational efficiency

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