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B4 Analytics Cloud For Construction Application

Our SAP Qualified Partner Packaged Solution B4 Analytics Cloud for Construction provides managers and executives with up-to-date, consistent business intelligence from everywhere in the construction lifecycle.  We understand that managing financial performance of capital-intensive projects in a low-margin industry is of utmost importance. We understand that staying within budget and meeting profitability targets requires tight execution and delivering projects on schedule.  How productive are your project resources and how efficiently are your assets being utilized? This application can help.


  • A single, complete view of data from any sources, to drive better decision-making
  • Lowest cost for providing information to the entire organization
  • Increased engagement, quality, participation and knowledge


  • Discover hidden patterns in information
  • Self-service allows users to intuitively explore, understand and present data to make better decisions
  • Analytics reach the fringes of the organization


  • Predictive results incorporated into more applications and processes for more users
  • Bridges the skills gap between human experts vs analytical experts
  • Predict and act in real-time

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Additionally, the B4 Analytics Cloud for Construction app is available for purchase at this link

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