People Engagement

Growth Made Simple.

People Engagement

Empower your employees and managers by making it easy for them to grow and develop their teams – as well as their own careers.

Recruiting and onboarding
Staff processes automation
Payroll and performance management
Employee benefits management

Simplify HR management with cost-effective, cloud-based solutions

Make it easy for your employees and managers to grow and develop their teams with automated HR processes and an intuitive user experience.

Core Human Resources and Payroll

Define and execute successful people strategies while reducing complexity. Solutions for core human resources and payroll from SAP provide user-friendly tools that help your employees work more efficiently and support your business as it grows.

Learning, Development, and Collaboration

Inspire a culture of continuous learning in your small or midsize business with easily-accessible, user-friendly, and personalized training tools. Our cost-effective solutions help your employees develop the skills they need to improve performance and create value for the business.

Recruiting and Onboarding

Recruit the right talent that best fits the needs of your smaller business – and then onboard people quickly and efficiently. SAP solutions help you simplify your recruiting and onboarding processes and lay the foundation for employee success, starting before day one.

Performance and Compensation

Motivate your employees to perform at their best and create a true pay-for-performance culture. Performance and compensation software from SAP provides simple solutions that enable winning performance management and smarter compensation.

Workforce Planning and Analytics

Leverage data and HR analytics with greater speed and ease when making business decisions. Our HR analytics solutions for SMEs provide data-driven insight across all HR processes and simplify workforce planning to help eliminate resource gaps that impede business success.

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