Enterprise Content Management

Powered by ELO Digital Office.

Enable digital content across your organization with enterprise content management

The digital workplace goes beyond your email system. Digitizing and harmonizing digital (e.g., email) and paper-based information (e.g., invoices) creates a central knowledge platform for your company. B4 Consulting enables you to migrate from paper-based content management to enterprise content management with ELO Digital Office. One of the world’s leading providers of document management, records management, and enterprise content management systems, ELO Digital Office helps you to easily enable secure digital content across your organization. Regardless of company size, industry, or number of users, ELO Digital Office has a solution to match your business needs and budget.

  • Capture information both digital and paper-based for on-demand access
  • Convert and digitize documents to create business transparency
  • Archive emails to ensure emails and attachments are linked to processes
  • Create electronic workflows to standardize business operations and process automation
  • Maintain document histories and create secure structure for collaboration
  • Integrate with leading business applications for ERP, CRM CAD, email, and Microsoft® Office products
  • Enable quick user adoption with intuitive and modern user interface
  • Enable streamlined and compliant contract management, invoice process automation/management, visitor management
Enterprise Content Management powered by ELO Digital Office

Designed for single workstations and small business, ELO office helps accelerate your business processes, simply your daily workload, and increase productivity. The ELOoffice structure is based on analog filing systems that includes repositories, files and folders. Learn more.


ELOprofessional is a modular client/server solution for small- to medium-sized business. It allows companies to electronically archive and manage business documents and information. ELOprofessional provides all the functionality you need to effectively manage, quickly access, and securely control information across the enterprise. Learn more.


ELOenterprise is a platform-independent, highly scalable and multi-tenant solution used with data centers and portals. The broad configuration options make the platform ideal for large companies and corporations. Learn more.

ELO for Construction

As implemented by B4 Consulting at construction and engineering companies, ELO provides Total Project Life Cycle Management and standard ECM support. Project Life Cycle Management processes include: lead/opportunity management; project execution; project handover; equipment life cycle management; and general departmental content management.

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