Asset Management

Helping to maximize your return on assets

Enabling you to holistically manage your asset costs while reducing risk and ensuring compliance, B4 Consulting can help you link asset performance to business objectives.

B4 Consulting expertise in SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) enables asset-intensive businesses to improve asset retention and the entire asset lifecycle with real-time visibility into asset performance.

This visibility makes it easier to optimize asset usage, shrink costs, better manage capital expenditures, and ultimately maximize your return on assets  – including fixed property, plant, and equipment. B4 Consulting has deep experience in implementing EAM modules for Plant Maintenance and SAP Work Manager in industries such as:

  • Chemicals
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities

With B4 Consulting, however, you get more than just EAM solution expertise. Construction, Real Estate, Equipment Management, Field Services, and Professional Services are intrinsically linked to asset-intensive industries.

Our team of Solutions Architects leverages their industry solution knowledge to craft innovative asset management solutions that integrate appropriate technologies — such as Commercial Project Management, Ariba, and Lumira — with EAM.  And, organizations such as The City of Portland, Dominion Energy and The Minto Group have leveraged our industry expertise to realize the highest value from their existing assets while gaining new insights into their asset portfolios.

Asset Management Solutions
SAP Work Manager

Increases worker productivity by upwards to 20%

Asset-intensive companies are using the SAP Work Manager mobile app to empower maintenance crews to work more safely, productively, and independently in the plant and in the field.

Helping to raise performance and reliability across plants, fleets, networks, and infrastructure, it gives field workers real-time access to asset history and details, enabling them to start, hold, transfer and create complete work orders on a mobile device.  Built on the SAP Mobile Platform, Work Manager is device-agnostic and can be used on any device that suits your environment and work needs. The app promotes:

  • Worker Safety with integrated review/approval workflows and GPS and GIS capabilities
  • Visibility that tracks worker’s location in real-time and automatically records work status and progress
  • Compliance with industry safety standards and mobile work permits and tag-outs
  • Governance using guided workflows and access to asset information
  • Productivity improvements with point-of-maintenance information and access to historical data
SAP Plant Maintenance

Helps to lower unplanned outages by 18%

The Plant Maintenance offering within SAP Enterprise Asset Management helps to optimize maintenance strategies based on asset criticality and tracks asset health and performance.

Promoting preventive maintenance versus reactive maintenance, the solution helps you to better plan and schedule maintenance activities for higher efficiency. This results in:

  • Increased asset usage by supporting comprehensive maintenance planning
  • Reduced unplanned downtime, outages, and breakdowns
  • Decreased annual service and maintenance costs