SAP Ariba for Mid-market Companies

SAP Ariba Snap! Procurement

Easy & Affordable Digital Procurement

for SAP and Non-SAP Mid-market Companies


B4 Consulting announces the availability of SAP Ariba Snap! Procurement for mid-market companies — a highly affordable and fast time-to-value procure-to-pay solution. Using the latest cloud technology, the newly packaged solution delivered by B4 Consulting will transform the way you buy and pay for goods and services — digitizing your procurement processes and transforming your procure-to-pay (P2P) activities into the 21st century.

This newly packaged solution is configured to give you all the functionality you need to automate and streamline your P2P processes — but at a fraction of the cost and time typically associated with implementing a new procurement solution. The SAP Ariba partner solution generates new process efficiencies and automates historically time-consuming and low-value tasks. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy from a world-class procurement system:


  • Fast time-to-value — days not months
  • Access quality content – 15 million SKUs in just days
  • Simple Guided Buying from one place for all end users — for all good and services
  • Digitized procurement – connecting you to the world’s largest trading network
  • Improved spend transparency  – with reporting cadence across your P2P processes
  • Enhanced spend visibility and management – to reduce spend leakage
  • Consumer simple and best practices — online shopping experience


Spot Buying – Easily Find and Buy Non-sourced Goods

The SAP Ariba for mid-market companies package from B4 Consulting includes SAP Ariba Spot Buy. This innovative feature enables you to make a spot buy whenever needed such as those one-off or emergency purchases that have historically been too costly and time-consuming to source. Suppliers benefit too as Spot Buy provides a vast, exciting new sales channel through which they can boost sales with both existing and new customers.  Spot Buy includes:



  • Supplier qualification through dynamic filters
  • Thousands of categories featuring top-rated suppliers and top brands
  • Configurable with workflow solution
  • Facilitates simple, secure payment
  • Detailed data for monitoring and reconciling spot buy transactions
  • Global outreach expansion



Guided Buying – A Simple Experience to Buy Goods and Services Compliant with Procurement Guidelines

Guided Buying in the new SAP Ariba for mid-market companies gives employees a simple way to buy smarter. It provides an intuitive experience for employees to follow procurement guidelines without having to read them first. Employees can now easily buy goods and services from preferred suppliers, collaborate with suppliers, and quickly complete the transaction. A simple, smart, and elegant buying experience, Guided Buying offers:





  • Single place for both the occasional and frequent buyer to buy goods and services
  • An easy way to direct users to the right items, right policies, and preferred suppliers
  • Robust sourcing engine that powers self-service collaboration with preferred suppliers
  • Built-in smart guidance for policies; buying channel process integrated to supplier management
  • Smart policy engine that powers buying channel compliance



Let’s Make Procurement Easy with Snap! Procurement

Digital P2P — Priced for the Mid-market