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B4 Consulting is your go-to partner for expert implementation of SAP for Real Estate Management. A full-featured and integrated application for managing all types of real estate, SAP for Real Estate Management gives you better control of and greater insight into your real estate portfolio.

The solution manages all phases of the real estate life cycle, including real estate acquisition or disposal, portfolio management, and property and technical management. It also supports processes such as management accounting and reporting, and accommodates the requirements of a broad range of industries including: financial services, government and nonprofit agencies, retail, telecommunications, and transportation.

B4 Consulting expertise accelerates the value of SAP Real Estate Management with SAP Best Practices. SAP Best Practices are built on real-world experience with hundreds of Real Estate companies around the world. Out of the box, 80% of your business needs are addressed so that B4 Consulting can focus on configuring the 20% of those business processes that differentiate your company. Time to value is further reduced by our consultants who are globally recognized in SAP Real Estate markets. Our team is comprised of domain experts who have experience in:

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Corporate Real Estate
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • Land Development
  • Land Acquisition
  • Operating Expense Reduction Strategies
  • Asset Disposition

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SAP Real Estate Management – IFRS 16 Property Leasing

The new International Financial Records Standard 16 (IFRS 16) defines how organizations must account for leases, stipulating most leases must be reported on each company’s balance sheet. New lease accounting standards increase the risk of regulatory noncompliance and inaccurate statutory reporting. SAP Real Estate Management and the SAP Revenue Recognition and Accounting update optimize global asset portfolios and support regulatory compliance of these new accounting rules.

The SAP Revenue Recognition and Accounting update enables a single point of entry for collection and validation of lease contract data. It performs valuation calculations and generates the financial postings derived from these calculations. Streamlining cost-effective compliance, it provides highly flexible and extendable forms to collect industry- or business-specific attributes while enabling heightened collaboration throughout the data collection process.

B4 Consulting offers an IFRS 16 Healthcheck — a complete assessment of your company’s readiness to comply with the IFRS 16). Based on your assessment, B4 Consulting will provide you with a recommended architecture and roadmap for IFRS 16 compliance including a projected budget with required resources and timelines.

While the new accounting standard for revenue recognition is effective on January 1, 2019 – you can begin reporting in January 2017. Regulatory compliance is non-negotiable and penalties are high for non-compliance. Don’t let and these imminent changes to accounting standards and regulations keep you up at night.

Learn how B4 Consulting can help you prepare for IFRS 16 with an IFRS 16 Healthcheck. Schedule your Healthcheck with Phillip Schell, vice president of industry solutions at B4 Consulting –

Healthcheck offerings are offered as a comprehensive assessment or individually as needed:

Real Estate Portfolio Assessment

  • Business process changes required for IFRS 16 compliance
  • Existing RE-FX configuration (if client using SAP RE-FX)
  • Legacy real estate portfolio (if not using RE-FX)
  • Effect of IFRS 16 on client’s real estate portfolio
  • ROM to bring portfolio into SAP RE-FX
  • ROM related to any configuration changes required for RE-FX compliance

Finance/Accounting Assessment

  • Business process changes required for IFRS 16 compliance
  • Assess SAP FI configuration relative to IFRS 16 compliance
  • Develop ROM for any FI changes required for compliance

Fixed Assets Assessment

  • Business process changes required for IFRS 16 compliance
  • Existing configuration within SAP for IFRS 16 compliance
  • Legacy fixed assets and determine what is required in SAP for IFRS 16 compliance
  • ROM for changes in SAP configuration for IFRS 16 compliance
  • ROM to migrate from a legacy application for SAP for compliance

Stakeholder Communications

  • Internal change management plan for IFRS 16 compliance
  • IFRS 16 training plan for executive communications
  • External change management plan for stakeholders
  • Expert resources who attend stakeholder calls/meetings

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SAP Common Area Maintenance Expense Recovery

The SAP Common Area Maintenance (CAM) Expense Recovery application is an add-on solution for SAP Commercial Real Estate Management. CAM Expense Recovery automatically and accurately passes-through charges to tenants for maintenance of common areas, direct expenses, and meter-based distribution in commercially-leased properties. With CAM, commercial retail and office property managers can recover expenses based on specific lease terms and agreements with tenants, regardless of the number of tenants or building sites. Expenses can be calculated at any time during the lease term for full reimbursement of common area maintenance expenses.

Resold and implemented by B4 Consulting, CAM is fully integrated into SAP Real Estate Management and SAP Business Suite solutions, eliminating the need for spreadsheets or stand-alone solutions.

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B4 Consulting drives more value from existing investments
B4 Consulting’s expertise in SAP has uncovered increased value in our SAP investments.

Industry Segment

  • Energy Generation
  • Transmission & Distribution


  • Real-time pipeline inspection/reporting from field workers
  • Capital budgeting not integrated with SAP
  • Lack of visibility into projects
  • User adoption

Architected Solution

Existing SAP environment enhanced with new capabilities:

  • SAP REFX for Real Estate Management
  • SAP Work Manager with GIS integration
  • Capital project management
  • Budgeting
  • Personalized user experiences


  • Visibility into Real Estate Holdings/Dates/Leases
  • Modern UI for increased user adoption
  • Enhanced field communication

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