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For years the EC&O (Engineering, Construction & Operations) industry has been mired in disparate systems, disconnected business processes, and redundant and error-prone data entry.

The mobile revolution has created a sea-change forcing EC&O companies to rethink their business management processes and integrate their business on a single and easily accessible platform. EC&O companies rely on B4 Consulting to guide this business transformation.

B4 Consulting is the leading EC&O practice in North America – bar none. Our Solutions Architects have unmatched industry experience and solution expertise to implement SAP for EC&O in areas such as: Commercial Construction; General Contracting; Design/Build; Engineer, Procure, Construct; and Homebuilding. And, we accelerate the time to value of your SAP solution with an SAP Best Practices implementation approach. Out of the box, 80% of your business needs are addressed so that B4 Consulting can focus on configuring the 20% of those business processes that differentiate your company.

Plus — our OutsideIn approach to construction management creates a comprehensive mobile platform that focuses on field efficiency and productivity. And, it does so with real-time analytics that aren’t dependent on data warehouses or aggregates.

OutsideIn when combined with our Integrated Framework 4 Construction transforms your business for:

  • Optimized project management from the field to the office
  •  User-driven enterprise mobility
  •  Performance analytics
  •   Visual Design & Construction
  •  Information on-demand – anytime –anywhere
See how Zachry Construction implemented SAP as a platform for growth.

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Check out how OutsideIn can help transform your business for profitable growth.
B4 Consulting knows the construction industry and with their OutsideIn approach has helped us realize a complete business transformation for sustained growth.

Industry Segment

  • Heavy Civil
  • Building Construction Services


  • Lack of systems integration among: CRM, Mobility, Estimating, Contracts Change Orders, Equipment Utilization, and P&L
  • Existing ECM only handled document sharing
  • No real-time business intelligence

Architected Solution

OutsideIn Approach integrating:

  • SAP HANA with Equipment Tools Management; HR/Payroll & Benefits
  • SAP Estimating & Forecasting Integration
  • SAP Mobility
  • SAP Business Analytics
  • ELO Enterprise Content Management


  • Harmonized & digitized workplace
  • Mobile iOS based on Labor & Equipment Entry, OCR with SAP integration of delivery receipts/invoices, exec dashboard on iPads
  • Full Integration of Financials, HR, Equipment, Projects, Customers & Vendors, Content
  • Full Business Process Interoperability

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