Disruption Ahead for Construction

Disruption Ahead for Construction

Caution Disruption for Construction WebinarWebinar Series: Disruption Ahead for Construction Industry

Topic: Top Technology Trends

Guest Speaker: Jake Macholtz, VP of IT – Kiewit

Who Should Attend: Construction Industry Executives, Technology Influencers

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According to McKinsey Global research (Imagining Construction’s Digital Future, June 2016), construction productivity has declined since the 1990s, and projects take 20% longer to finish than scheduled and are up to 80% over budget. Maybe these stats don’t apply to your projects – but they speak to troubling issues facing the construction industry.

While technology can address these shortcomings, the construction industry is slow to embrace innovation and is among the least digitized. The construction industry is reaching a tipping point of disruption. Forward-thinking companies that adopt digital technologies, which disrupt the status quo, will forge a path for success. Those that choose the business-as-usual path are doomed to failure.

Register and view this on-demand webinar — Disruption Ahead for Construction Industry to learn about the new technologies that drive successful construction companies. This session looks at the top technology trends that are helping to rewire construction companies for improved productivity and success, including:

  • Higher-Definition Surveying & Geolocation
  • Next-generation 5-D Building Information Modeling
  • Digital Collaboration and Mobility
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) and Advanced Analytics
  • Future-proof Design and Construction


Guest Speakers:







Jake Macholtz

Vice President of Technology

Kiewit Corporation








Dustin Anderson

Global Industry Director Engineering, Construction & Operations

SAP America







Phillip Schell

Vice President of Industry Solutions

B4 Consulting


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Disruption Ahead for Construction Industry

Top Technology Trends for Digitizing Construction Projects