B4 Consulting to Resell OpenRoute OnSite Wi-Fi

Easy-to-deploy system for wireless connectivity on the jobsite provides portable Internet access to construction companies

Waltham, Mass. – October 28, 2014 – B4 Consulting®, helping construction companies grow with innovative software, services and support, today announced a reseller agreement with OpenRoute. OpenRoute is an affiliate of CoCo Communications Corp. (CoCo), a company with patented wireless technology that has been used by the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Special Operations (SOCOM), U.S. Coast Guard, and defense prime contractors. B4 Consulting will resell OpenRoute™ OnSite Wi-Fi, a hardware system that provides jobsites with wireless connectivity to the Cloud and Internet – anytime – anywhere. Compatible with industry-standard protocols, OpenRoute OnSite Wi-Fi can integrate with all existing corporate networks. While B4 Consulting will include the system in its end-to-end solution portfolio for the construction industry, it will also market and sell OpenRoute OnSite Wi-Fi as a stand-alone product.

The OpenRoute solution is a rock-solid technology based on over a decade of experience solving wireless networking problems for the U.S. Department of Defense,” noted Klaus Schottenhamel, president and CEO of B4 Consulting. “Its ability to provide portable Internet access is a game changer for the construction industry as it significantly advances integrated project delivery and effectively helps companies improve their profit margins,” continued Schottenhamel. “We consider OpenRoute OnSite Wi-Fi as a lynchpin in our end-to-end solution portfolio for the construction industry because it enables our customers to effectively use all available software productivity tools and gives them instant access to information ‘on-site’ when they are away from the trailer or office.

Portable Internet Access Reduces Jobsite Costs
Easy to deploy and use, OpenRoute OnSite Wi-Fi is a rugged briefcase-sized yellow box equipped with
enclosed antennae, which connects to existing Internet and power sources. As jobsites require more coverage and structures expand, yellow boxes can be added and these boxes automatically discover and connect to 4 Consulting Announces OpenRoute Partnership Page 2 of 2 each other forming their own mesh network. When projects are completed, boxes are easily removed and deployed at another jobsite. Field-tested and proven, OpenRoute OnSite Wi-Fi enables construction companies to provide up-to-date drawings, details, and design team communications directly to workers in the field. Quantifiable time savings and increased productivity are realized through:

  • Up to 95% reduction in trailer walks
  • Enhanced productivity of field data management tools
  • Single-entry collaboration
  • Elimination of printing and paper costs
  • Reduced mobile carrier data fees
  • Improved accuracy of project bids with real-time data
  • Data connectivity to sub-contractors
  • Improved jobsite safety


B4 Consulting is an industry leader in the construction industry for its domain expertise in implementing high-value, innovative solutions,” explained John Stachowiak, CEO of OpenRoute. “Therefore, we are delighted to be partnering with the B4 team who will effectively extend the reach and value of OpenRoute OnSite Wi-Fi to a broad range of engineering and construction companies throughout North America.

Pricing and Availability
OpenRoute OnSite Wi-Fi is available directly from B4 Consulting. Pricing starts at $3800.00 per unit with both rental options and Professional Services available as well.