Improves productivity from the office to the field

OutsideIn is B4 Consulting’s innovative approach to developing and deploying technology in the construction, real estate, and equipment management industries. Enabling end-to-end integrated business solutions that drive success and growth, OutsideIn leverages mobile applications to increase field user productivity.

With OutsideIn, we provide a rich portfolio of field and mobility applications that report and track a range of field activities. These applications are integrated with solutions that enhance your business operations such as project cost estimating and enterprise content management.

And, all these applications fuel your Enterprise Resource Planning system except now – your ERP system has real-time information that:

  • Increases Margins
  • Lowers Risk
  • Improves Resource Acquisition and Utilization
  • Tracks Project Costs for Real-time Decision Making
  • Delivers Projects On-time and On-budget Projects
  • Improves Collaboration Among All Stakeholders
  • Maximizes Profitability

OutsideIn can be adapted to meet your business requirements – learn how to transform your world for success with innovative technologies from B4 Consulting.

Mid-Market Construction Solution