Interoperative Framework 4 Construction

The construction industry is on the brink of achieving interoperability as it responds to market forces around Design Build and Design-Build-Operate.

These new delivery models demand a holistic design approach, and as construction companies rise to meet the challenges their success will rely on interoperability and related enabling technologies.

B4 Consulting helps construction companies create the interoperability required to succeed in today’s modern industry. The B4 Consulting Interoperative Framework 4 Construction (IF4C) is application-agnostic, integrating business critical functions and tools:

  1. Visual Design Tools (i.e., CAD, BIM)
  2. Estimating (i.e., HCSS, B2W)
  3. Projects Controls (i.e., SAP, Oracle, Primavera)
  4. Project Progression for all mobile platforms (i.e., HTML, iOS)

This level of interoperability reduces risk, drives more efficient field operations, improves productivity, increases profitability, and generates successful and highly repeatable projects. If you’re ready to see how IF4C can work for your company – schedule your IF4C session with Phillip Schell: 

The IF4C Model for Construction Interoperability